Giving and Getting Involved

IMG_1719Little Flower Montessori School is an exceptional community of parents, teachers and staff who have worked together to create a special environment for each child to realize his or her own unique potential. We invest the bulk of our tuition revenues in providing the children with extraordinary staff and by providing an exceptionally beautiful and well-equippped learning environment in every classroom, and with our outdoor organic gardens and green space.  In the last few years we have focused on providing snacks to the  children that are mostly organic, that make use of our outdoor gardens, and provides children with opportunities to experience healthy eating habits.  We are grateful to the parents, staff and students for all they do to assist us in realizing our vision.

IMG_1274Support and service to an organization you believe in is not just something that we ask of Little Flower parents; it is a  lesson we teach our students.  Our students participate in an environment that values helpfulness, and they are given daily opportunities to aid their fellow students  and to contribute to the wider society as well.  Elementary students do service work outside their classroom throughout the year.  These experiences shape them, and they leave us ready, willing, and able to contribute to the society through a lifetime of leadership and service.

We ask Little Flower parents to engage in this same lesson. Through your gifts of time, talent, and resources, you show your meaningful support of this school and the work we do.

Support of  Little Flower’s fundraising effort is equally important. It is  the  financial goal of the school to fully cover basic operating expenses through tuition and fee payments, as well as earned income. Fundraising makes up the difference between covering basic expenses and providing the exceptional quality of holistic education  that we provide.   It is our hope that every Little Flower family will contribute an amount that is meaningful for them.

(Actual Structure will be slightly smaller than shown but will cover the playground equipment completely)

IMG_0896In past years parent donations have been used to support a scholarship fund, a beautiful playground upgrade, upgraded classroom materials etc.  This year we would like to ask for your help in providing additional shade for our children on the playground.

Our South Florida location makes it particularly important for Little Flower Montessori School to have options for shade relief on the playground. Furthermore, young children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of the heat from the sun’s rays as they are less able to regulate their internal body temperatures. All children are vulnerable to sun damage on their skin.

Phase I of Operation Playground Shade includes the addition of a solidly built shade structure to cover all of the equipment in the mulched area of the playground. After an exhaustive search of local playground suppliers in the area, we were able to secure a significantly discounted price on the shade structure shown below. We were able to reduce costs by 40% thanks to the efforts of the Dettor family.

IMG_0918Our fundraising goal is now $20,000 and 100% family participation for Phase I. Phase II of the plan will include shade coverage of the newly expanded picnic table area. We are also looking into the possibility of setting up a water misting system. Your support for Operation Playground Shade is greatly appreciated.

Checks can be written out to Little Flower Montessori School.

The levels of support differ for each family, but the need for 100% participation is constant.

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