Healthy Lifestyle Practices

We are committed to providing the highest standard possible in nutrition for our children at Little Flower Montessori School.  

 IMG_0918IMG_0811To that end, we have developed a policy of including the children in the process of healthy snack preparation.  The children participate in the care of our organic garden, and we use additional organic and local  fresh ingredients as available.  We avoid canned foods as they contain BPA . Even trace amounts of chemicals, food dyes, trans fats, as well as nutrient poor added sweets have a greater effect on small bodies.  Our goal in preparing the snack is not to fill up the children too much before lunch, but to provide a healthy helping of good nutrition. We aim to educate the children with practical preparation tasks and sensory exposure to different textures, tastes and beautiful food presentation. 

 At lunchtime, the teachers sit with the children so they can model healthy habits as well as table etiquette. (napkin placement, utensil use, conversation, chair placement, as well as food placement)  The children also participate in the setting of and decoration of the tables. Mealtime is a special time of day, and the children are given ample time to finish their lunch.

 IMG_0896You can help by including your children in the preparation of nutritious lunches with healthy, fresh ingredients and a minimal amount of pre-packaged convenience foods.  Consider whole grains like oat or quinoa crackers as an alternative to goldfish crackers etc.  Corn chips, and crunch fruits and vegetables are also  healthier alternatives. It is important to observe what foods are coming home in your child’s lunch so that you aware of what your child is eating and can adjust your servings accordingly.  For example, if only the cookies are eaten you may want to pack fewer cookies so that other food groups are selected also.  Young children eat smaller portions than many adults are comfortable serving; consider packing smaller portions of nutritious foods so that children are set up to make healthy choices. 

Under the guidance of, Laura Motosko, RD we have developed these practices to help the children to grow into healthy adults.




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