One of the special features of our school is the presence of a Bal-A-Vis-X program. Run by a dedicated group of trained staff members and parents, this program consists of a series of exercises which the children complete in order to enhance their right-left brain integration. Integration of the left and right brain hemispheres is important so that the whole brain is involved in the thinking and learning process. Getting both sides of the brain working together helps to develop the neural pathways between the left and right hand side of the brain. These exercises utilize the senses of Balance, Hearing, Vision to perform a series of exercises which are based in rhythm. The exercises require full-body co-ordination and focused attention. Sand-filled bags, raquetballs and balance boards are used.

Improvements in cognitive integration, attention spans, impulse control, and physical coordination have been attributed to this program. Furthermore, Bal-A-Vis-X students have experienced an improvement in pronunciation, ability to attend to verbal instructions, as well as to communicate verbally. This is because of the rhythmic patterns in the program which create a new awareness of the subtleties of sound. Visually, children improve in their ability to track movements, focus both eyes on a single target, and to discriminate details. These are necessary prerequisites for learning to read, and write.

Furthermore, we have found that the information gained about our students’ learning styles has been invaluable in improving our ability to teach our students.

Bill Hubert, the founder of the Bal-A-Vis-X method, has trained many of our staff members so that we may offer this program at Little Flower. This program originated in Kansas and is now used all over the U.S., is spreading through Europe, China and beyond.

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