Welcome to Little Flower Montessori

Little Flower Montessori School is a community of children, parents, teachers and staff dedicated to the Montessori philosophy. We at LFMS are committed to a culture that fosters respect and compassion and honors the spirit of childhood.

Little Flower Montessori School provides a warm, supportive and personalized environment for children from 2 1/2 to 12 years of age. By creating a prepared space designed to meet the developmental needs of each child and encouraging the free exploration of that space, we give children the opportunity to engage their whole personality. They become aware of and attuned to their own needs and authentic nature as well as those of others.

Montessori Madness! - A Video

"What is required is a new world, full of miracles"

-Maria Montessori

Montessori believed that education was more than just an acquiring of knowledge or skills. She believed that it was, in its truest sense, an "aid to life". The real meaning of the word education - from the Latin verb educare - means "to bring forth" or "to draw out".

With that meaning in mind, a Montessori education strives to encourage and support the development of each individual so that every child can discover and reach his/her potential.

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